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4 age categories of Ukrainian brides.

Probably every man at least once thought about at what age a girl is ready for a serious relationship and marriage. At any website of Ukrainian dating agency or a dating service there is a huge range of brides from 18 to 50+ years old and it is extremely difficult for men to determine for themselves the age range for a future wife from Ukraine. But it must be done, because the right choice of the age category is a part of a successful strategy.
Traditionally, the weddings are taking place in Ukraine when the brides are usually 18-20 years old. At that time girls are full of energy, they have big plans for the future, a lot of ambitions and have every chance to get the most from fate. So Youth, Sexuality, Beauty - the advantages of young girls 21-22 years. But there are also some disadvantages of young age, the girls often do not have any patience, there is no life wisdom that helps in resolving family conflicts.

Ekaterina, 19 y/o ID 1000848894   Julia, 18 y/o ID 1001014950

The best age can be considered a period of 23-25 years old. The girl is still young, healthy and beautiful, but she has already started to build a career, acquired a certain experience. It is believed that this is a perfect age for marriage. But we should not forget that marriage and pregnancy at this age can damage a career - you need to realistically assess all the capabilities. If we pay attention to the statistics of Kiev marriage and dating agencies, this is the largest and the most popular category of brides among men.

Nataly, 23 y/o ID 1000353948   Elena, 25 y/o ID 1000885874

The steadiest period is the age of 26-30 years old. At this age, she is not a girl any more, but a woman with the necessary luggage of everyday knowledge, she knows how to organize her life, knows what the guys need. Her disadvantage, of course, is her woman’s health, she is stressed and nerves at 35. But it also happens that in 30-40 years old the woman is already a mother, but she is still single, and then the marriage can be very successful. At 35 Ukrainian women understand the value of relationship and they appreciate every day spent with their beloved ones.

Alona, 35 y/o ID 1000900958   Anna, 30 y/o ID 1000970939

Due to the demographic situation in Ukraine lots of Ukrainian 40 year old women are lonely and single.
For women of this age group is extremely difficult to find a life partner in Ukraine and often the international marriage is the only way to avoid loneliness. The age from 40 to 50 years old is a "second youth" for Ukrainian women, they usually have (or have not) adult children, they do not have any financial issues and in their lives the family values and a husband are the most important. Nobody says that in that age the birth of children is impossible at those marriages but you should think about your health first.

Julia, 40 y/o ID 1000601550   Tatyana, 50 y/o ID 310538

What is the age for the girls from Kiev is the best for marriage? Probably, this question cannot be answered unequivocally. The best time is when your beloved one wants to wear a white wedding dress. The best time for a wedding is the period when you are in love and it does not really matter how old you are! Any age has cons and pros! And only the loving hearts can be truly happy in their marriage!

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