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What do men from other countries think of Ukrainian brides?

John, the USA:
Acquaintance and communication with Ukrainian girls left only positive impression. They are the most pleasant and kind people I ever met. They always strike me with their sensitivity and kind-heartedness! I have never been ignored or not respected. In general, I consider Slavic girls pretty and energetic in communication. Appearance? I have never seen so many beauties!

Konstantin, Romania:
How do I see a Ukrainian woman? To tell the truth, I have never met them in real life, but I communicate with two girls in the internet. They are women who influence men’s lives very much. I can say that they are femme fatales who can change one’s fate. They seem to be more pragmatic than Ukrainian men. They have a strong character and ambitions to go all the way despite obstacles. She is beautiful, well-educated and respected. She is a symbol of the nation.

Ivan, Mexico:
There are many stereotypes about Ukrainian women that are spread through TV: tall beautiful fair-haired girls you can get acquainted in a dating agency to take one of them from Ukraine as a bride. From my own experience I can say that I had a Ukrainian wife – a teacher of Russian language. A tall, slim blonde.
To tell the truth, all Ukrainians charm me somehow. Probably, that’s why I started learning this language. It’s fine that in Ukraine as well as in Mexico for many people their mother is above all.

Alina, 21 y/o ID 1000802158   Nadezhda, 22 y/o ID 1000799500

Bence, Hungary:
What an interesting question! I have never met Ukrainian women in real life, but what I see in the net is that they take much care of how they look like. First they are cold, but in the process of communication they reveal themselves and can just lift your spirits. To my mind, girls in Ukraine are mad beautiful and stylish.

Matt, Belgium:
When I think of Ukrainian (as well as Russian) women, the first thing that comes to my mind is a tall stature, a good physical form, long hair, pleasant accent, decision, absence of excessive modesty, recognizable laughter, jeans (even don’t know why), sweaters, names like Katya, Lena, and Tanya.

Nickolas, France:
It may look as a cliché, but when I hear words ‘Ukrainian woman’ I imagine a tall and beautiful lady. However, it’s very hard to imagine a certain portrait, as the country is big. People who live in the west are much different from those closer to China and Mongolia not only in their appearance, but their views upon life as well.

Valeriya, 22 y/o ID 1000784879   Marina, 25 y/o ID 1000785722

James, Netherlands:
Right or not, this is my opinion about Ukrainian women, created by national mass media and my communication with them during trips. They are very wise. I would say that women (up to 30) are pretty, have strong mentality and surprisingly open. Ukrainian girls have stronger character than men. As for their appearance, they are among the most beautiful women in the world, they are very feminine!

Kim, Finland:
I can acknowledge that I deal with Ukrainian girls not so often. However, in any case, they are more communicative than Finnish ones. They have very pleasant facial features, they take care of themselves! They also like to argue, but it isn’t bad, in general.

William, France:
How do I see Ukrainian women? Hmm… a good question! The first thing I think about is that they are very attractive. In general, a stereotypical image appears: a blonde in sunglasses and a fur coat. Sometimes they can be and look somewhat superficial. When they want something, they will do everything to get it. They like luxury and beautiful things, that’s why they are supported by those who have money, but instead they look after their household and take care of their husbands and children.

Viktoriya, 21 y/o ID 1000775466   Olga, 22 y/o ID 1000694087

Craig, Great Britain:
I think that Slavic facial features are the most feminine in the world. I would call Ukrainian women the most beautiful. And the Ukrainian accent! It’s very pleasant, and the language itself has a hypnotic effect, I like it that it is so much different from the English one. Ukrainians have a strong feeling of unity, that’s why women are more virtuous than those in the west. And, another thing, it seems to me that many Ukrainian women like dominating and managing.

Burak, Turkey:
Slavic women are the most beautiful in the world. They have ideal beauty: some of them can be tender and pretty, others – sexy and sensual. They wear tempting clothes and pose for photos in a relaxed manner. It is also true that they like noisy parties very much. On the other side, I have friends who married Ukrainian women. And all of them say: ‘Thanks God for we have get acquainted! She’s the best wife one can imagine’. In general, I have only a positive opinion.

Valeriya, 27 y/o ID 1000640753   Evgeniya, 24 y/o ID 1000635669

Michael, Germany:
The majority of Ukrainian girls are wonderfully educated (there are female engineers, doctors, scientists, and economists etc). Women I communicate with virtually and whom I met in real life have absolutely different values than German ones do.
For example, prestige and appearance seem to mean for them very much (probably, because of Soviet legacy). Some girls are rather cold than warm in their behavior and views. By the way, I would like to note that they are very patriotic! I know some girls who are against their government, but in spite of that, they love their country and nation

Ale, Spain:
From my experience of communication with Ukrainian girls I understood that they have a right and rational view on life. However, at the same time, they are quite romantic, that’s why they often have thoughts like: ‘Yes, life is sometimes unjust, but I will for sure experience a wonderful romantic story, because I am worth it’. They combine profundity of thought, ambitions as well as sensuality.


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