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The photo characteristics of Ukrainian women – it is always nice to look and feel like a princess

Ukrainian women, and indeed many others, love high quality photo studio pictures. But they rarely agree to be photographed in their natural form (without makeup and in real time entourage situation). Why? There are several reasons.


Beauty as a full and detailed resume
Ukrainian ladies like to look spectacular and bright. They know about the beauty from an early age. Girls buy fancy dresses, toy necklaces, rings and bracelets. And lots of people look at Ukrainian woman as she is a decoration by herself.


Beauty is one of the leading industries in the ranking along with hand embroidery and fur collection in Ukraine. Lots of Ukrainians of any age prefer new cosmetics items, fashionable clothes of famous designers, hair and skin treatment and care. They exchange information, tips, do not afraid to experiment with their clothes, skin, hair style and color. Women discover the recipe of the beauty and help other women to find their perfect look.


In her interview the winner of the contest "Mrs. Ukraine-2016", the owner of the studio of image and style mentioned: ‘I love to change the image of women and men, to show them their beautiful appearance. I am glad to see a successful transformation of any person- when the make-up, clothes, hairstyle meet its internal condition. I think that a stylist and psychologist are similar professions.


Beauty as a policy of the society
Showing photos to a stranger for Ukrainian women is equated to an invitation to a party: you have to look perfect. Ukrainian woman does not like to wear sweat pants when she is shopping for groceries. She always looks like a model.

Julia, 30 y/o ID 1000936160   Elena, 27 y/o ID 1000747739

And at the meeting Ukrainian girl will not dare to wear everyday clothing! If she plans to see a man, her hair styling will be perfect; she will wear fantastic make-up and brand new clothing.

Photography as an affordable form of art.
In Ukraine, the photo shooting is not just a picture of a certain person in certain circumstances. This is a type of affordable art. For a woman a photographing process often turns into a small mini theater. In the center of that theater - a lady and thought-out entourage (which is often similar to the glossy magazines pages)

Ludmila 26 y/o ID 1000900064   Anastasiya, 25 y/o ID 1000755624

Ukrainians create small masterpieces from their pictures to post them in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Social Networks - another factor which stimulates women to do their personal pictures beautiful and interesting. Sometimes the girl looks different on the pictures - with different hair color - Ukrainian women like to change the image very often. If Ukrainian woman refuses to show her pictures in sweat pants at home it does not that she is hiding something - many women do not like to look ordinary in Ukraine.

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