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A portrait of single girl from Kiev: the quintessence of beauty and style

Beauty is a unique quality that men look for around the world. What constitutes attractiveness of Ukrainians? Heredity, patience, kindness and optimism and many more other factors. Winning genetic data are supplemented by successful features of the national character - cheerfulness, positive mood and good taste. Modern, bright and elegant - Ukrainian women are beautiful everywhere in country, but especially there are a lot of beautiful women live in Kiev.

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In the heart of Europe
The secret of this city is the rich history and strong cultural traditions. There are many paths lead to Kiev. For ages interesting and talented people came there who changed the face of the city. As a result, Kiev has become a true European capital.
Kiev is not only an administrative, but also the geographical center of Ukraine. It is here that trade routes converged from the North, South, East, West and the blood of different nationalities was mixed there. In Kiev you can meet representatives of all genetic types: black-browed southern ladies, northern women, Scandinavian type of people, light-brown hair residents of the central regions.
Due to the complex genetic and historical factors it has formed a typical portrait a lady from Kiev. A beauty from the capital is medium height, with a feminine figure, regular features and the natural beauty of the thick long hair. As a rule Kiev women look great without makeup, but they prefer to add some little color to their natural beauty, wear perfumes and elegant dresses.
Here is an Interesting fact. During the existence of independent Ukraine ladies from Kiev five times received the coveted title – Miss Ukraine. The last time this happened in 2015, when for the first time in the history of the title of Miss Ukraine was handed over the results of the selection in the online mode.

Oksana, 22 y/o ID 1000511222   Dana, 31 y/o ID 1000490653

Secrets of the Ukrainian character
The word "spectacular" is used very often to describe Ukrainian character, which means "beautiful, bright, aesthetic." There are picturesque natural scenery and architecture. The warm climate allows growing flowers and fruits almost throughout the country. From a young age Ukrainians grow in gardens and flowers and they have a tremendous effect on their appearance.
Features of behavior of women from Kiev formed 3 major factors:
Freedom of movement. Central Ukraine is plain with no natural barriers. Since the ancient times the inhabitants of Kiev were free in their travels, learned all the best that they had seen in other areas. Equal marriage. Ukrainian women have never being held in the towers. Even the wife of Prince Igor Princess Olga became famous for the wisdom of her reign. As a rule, Ukrainian women were equal friends to their men. The high level of culture. Ukrainian capital is the leader in the number of higher educational institutions, theaters, art galleries, trendy shops. There is growing intelligence of the nation, forms a fashion and style that set the tone for the rest of the country

Kristina, 25 y/o ID 1000493386   Marina, 36 y/o ID 1000444985

Ladies from Kiev are ready to conquer
Southern fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and natural vitamins, lots of sun and herbs presented Ukrainian women good health. The result: a beautiful complexion, well-balanced character and active life position. Natural products as the basis of the power nutrition block at the Ukrainians aging factors, and high intelligence prolongs youth and desire to be liked by people.
Calm and sensible, active and emotional, intelligent, energetic, curious - it's all about a girl from Kiev. Despite the difficult economic conditions, residents of the capital are not depressed and always in a good mood. Ukrainian woman prefers a song and care about the family and avoid psychologists and pills. Sincere and hospitable women from Kiev manage to achieve successful career growth, while spending a lot of time with children and families. They look like Europeans and think like Europeans they know the secrets of the active, exciting life.
Here is an Interesting fact. Ukrainians have not yet obeyed the first place in the Miss World contest. But in the competition among the married ladies they easily bypassed their competitors. In 2015 the title Mrs Universe achieved a woman from Kiev - Olga Torner, who moved to Austria after the marriage. It is in family life Ukrainian woman demonstrates her best qualities.

Marianna, 32 y/o ID 1000433118   Nadya, 30 y/o ID 1000439389

A designer by herself
At that time, as a resident of the other countries like to talk about their autonomy and independence, residents of the Ukrainian capital have no time to talk. Girls from Kiev are big fashion -mongers, but prefer to create exclusive outfits with their own hands. They love comfort and beauty of the house, but they rarely use the services of designers or cleaners. Women from Kiev love their men, so they prefer solve all the problems by themselves.

Lady from Kiev:
- Dresses tastefully
- Knows all about fashion and healthy lifestyles
- Is interested in dance, gymnastics, swimming
- Dresses inexpensive, but stylish
- In spite of the culinary temptations, always in an excellent shape.

Here is an Interesting fact. Ukrainian women are used to captivate men for a long time ago. Therefore, they are attracted to new heights. After Jamala won Eurovision contest, a girl from Kiev Irina Galai became the first Ukrainian who conquered Everest, and also Kiev designer Yasya Khomenko demonstrated Europe custom clothing line.

Bright type and big heart
The beauty of Kiev is captivating and authentic. But lots of tourists come here not only to look at the beauty of the natural landscape and the ancient walls. Ladies from Kiev are on the top positions in the ranking of European beauties. Difficult historical periods tempered their characters, taught them to enjoy life, to be faithful to their husband, children and family. Kiev is beautiful not only for its architecture, but also the beauty of the women who live there. Is it really a main reason - bright sun and the scent of steppe grasses, but the beauty of ladies from Kiev is bright and attracts attention anywhere in the world. And it is very easy to explain – lots of the best girls from all over the country come to Kiev.

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