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Ukrainian woman from Kiev: the mentality, moral qualities and other characteristics

The complicated history of Ukraine influenced on the formation of the nature of Ukrainian women, especially in the 19-20 centuries. Loss of Independence, Second World War and Stalin's repression all led to an anomalous situation where the care of the family and the upbringing of children became the responsibility of women. As a result, for a long time the image of the ideal strong ‘Ukrainian mother’ existed: the head of the family responsible for the education of the children. For the sake of this noble goal, they had to sacrifice their personal happiness and their own ambitions; sometimes their health or even their lives.

Ivanna, 30 y/o ID 1001108131   Kristina, 34 y/o ID 1001053037

Despite the fact that Germans invented the famous formula of three letters K (Kinder, Kirche, Kuche, which translates as church, kitchen and children), it is ideal for the Ukrainian mentality. Even in the 21st century, the most important things for the average Kiev women are family and children (of which they are often too concerned, and do not allow them to grow up very early).

Alina, 26 y/o ID 1000399137   Julia, 23y/o ID 1001089115

The hierarchy of values ​​for young women from Ukraine is: family, health, motherhood, safe and happy relations. Successful relationships are important for women, because most of them believe that it is a man obliged to earn money for the family. Therefore, the most essential qualities of men are care, responsibility, hard work and ingenuity. (Note, they are not looking for intellectuals!)

Tatyana, 28 y/o ID 1001061712   Tata, 23 y/o ID 1001070149

Unfortunately, it seems like such a sad legacy of the Soviet social conservatism have not been overcome. The strength of tradition and the high acceptance of male dominance can also be traced in the area of ​​sexual life, at least among the older generation. Most Ukrainians believe that the initiative in matters of marriage belongs to the man, and that he must make a decision to get married. The feature of the image of Kiev brides which attracts foreigners is the ability to cook well, but this is a typical ability of many Ukrainian families. Most women cannot afford to attend the restaurants. However, many of them really like to cook, bake and take care of their kitchen. Traditionalists who appreciate tranquility and a comfort at home would welcome such an image of Ukrainian lady.

Galian, 33 y/o ID 1000946344   Elena, 30 y/o ID 1000895186

The above image of Kiev women naturally differs from the later generations. The representatives of the younger generation also support the traditions, but they live in civil relationship with their partners and value personal freedom and refuse boring family life. The same applies to the cooking as modern mothers often shield their daughters from the kitchen and household responsibilities. Girls in their twenties are more concerned about education and career. However, one thing is still the same – they pay a lot of attention to their appearance, fashion and cosmetics. It is always a pleasure to look at Kiev woman!

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