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Girls from the capital or brides from the Ukrainian heartland: why do men like them?

Ladies from Kiev feel themselves as Europeans. They make good money and can travel around the world. Watching the life of Italians, French, Germans, they take the best from them, dismissing the characteristics that contradict Ukrainian mentality. From German ladies they learn frugality and serious attitude towards their health, from French women they get secrets how to dress and take care of themselves till the very old age. Ukrainian women are emotionally very similar with Italians - they do not like to hold back their feelings and love to talk.

Capital charm = education + good manners
You do not have to teach Ukrainians good manners, they can be models for imitation. Kiev women have an innate sense of dignity, restraint, elegance, natural charm. And they can handle a rude gentleman very easy in any language. You will feel their education in every word, and even in the eyes. But the main weapon is the irony and a smile.

Lady from Kiev knows a lot and likes to listen to the interlocutor. She will easy become a tour guide through the streets of her native city; she is good at architecture, history, music, poetry and painting. You can talk to her on any topic; during any event she will emphasize the status of her husband. A resident of Kiev could easily compete with the Parisian as for a style, manners and will look always elegant and beautiful.

Women with a big heart
The girls from the province, as a rule, are very modest, shy of their unfashionable appearance. They dress brightly, not because they want to attract attention - in Ukraine women appreciate and love bright colors, blooming time, conviviality, identity. Women in small towns use a bigger part of the garden for the flower beds - in spring and autumn the house is surrounded by blooming plants. Ukrainians love vibrant plants and flower images - on the dishes, clothes, walls and the house upholstery. No wonder the blooming wreath is one of the symbols of Ukraine.

The girls from the province are not spoiled by fashion boutiques, so the trend garments they prefer clothes made by their own hands. Almost every Ukrainian woman sews, knits and makes amazing things during her free time- from authentic toys to original paintings, embroidered with colored thread. And, of course, any Ukrainian is a good cook: Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most delicious and nutritious in the world.

The residents of small towns and villages are kind and hospitable. They do not speak foreign languages as perfect as the ladies from the capital, but generosity and openness allows them to negotiate without words. A grafted kindness from childhood wins the hearts of the fans sometimes faster than impeccable manners.

Province or capital
Trusting provincial sentimental girl VS Kiev practical lady. But do not think that all the residents of the capital are cold and selfish. Yes, they know what are they worth and at the same time they appreciate the serious intentions and good attitude. A girl from Kiev will not open her soul to everyone, but you can find a key to it with a help of your attention and care. Just like the girl from the province.

Ukrainian bride is a collective image of a young woman ready for marriage, kind and empathetic angel, guardian of family traditions, the impersonation of spring and kindness. They can easy adjust to any country in the world, because they bring with themselves an inexhaustible supply of cordiality and generosity and they are always happy to share.

UKRAINIAN WOMEN GUIDE: 5 Common Questions about Girls from Ukraine. Facts, qualities, characteristics, Relationships and Attitudes. Mail order brides FAQ

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