18-19-20 year old Ukrainian girls from Kyiv

At this age Ukrainian girls are especially pretty and charming. They are still a bit naïve, believe in princes on white horses, know for sure that fortune is sure to give them a smile. Kiev girls at this age are at the beginning of their life way that’s why they want to feel like princesses a lot.

Early ages in Ukraine are not rare. 18, 19, 20 is an age when statistically from 7 to 16 per cent of Ukrainian girls get married. However, specialists note that during the latest five years number of such marriages has considerably decreased.
For those who think of creating a family with such young brides from Kiev all pros and cons should be analyzed.

The following can be considered as pros of relationships with 18-19-year-old ladies:
1. Strong feelings. They inspire to take care of each other excusing failures and drawbacks of a partner.
2. A wedding makes young Ukrainians girls who dreamt about this event especially happy: white dress, attention of guests, presents and flowers. In a more mature age the celebration doesn’t evoke such delight.
3. Strong nerves of young brides help them to cope with stressful situations and hardships that often emerge within international marriages
4. Freedom of taking decisions attracts many Ukrainian girls who rather would like to get rid of excessive care.
5. At the age of 18-20 it’s easier to change your habits, that’s why a mature man can form their own traditions together. The process of adaptation and getting used to each other will be easier than in a case when it’s between tow mature people.

Surely, there is a set of cons:
1. Not understanding of all hardships you have two face. It means routine, dividing of household duties, necessity to support your family materially, care of future children, lack of time when there is a wish to entertain.
2. Cardinal life changes in the life of a girl after birth of a child. You have to forget for some time meetings with your friends, your hobbies, but not everybody is ready to such changes. As a result there is misunderstanding, conflicts, offences that can lead to break of relationships.
3. You shouldn’t forget about physiological aspects. The level of sexuality is quite low for girls of 18-20. That’s why a marriage with a person of the same age will probably be unsuccessful, as a girl can’t satisfy all demands of a husband in bed to the full. A harmonious sex for girls of 18-20 is possible as a rule with an experienced mature man only.

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