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Flirt with a Ukrainian girl: a signal for a man about her readiness to start a new relationship

Nobody will break into a shop if there is ‘Closed’ sign of the door. And a man will hardly come up to a woman who demonstrates indifference and being not interested.

Probably, this woman is sure deep in her soul that she is open for romantic relationships and even dreams of a sea of admirers, but she seems to be closed for those who wish to win her.

Flirtation for Ukrainian girls and women is an instrument that helps in sending a man a signal that she is ready to start a relationship. This message is transferred with mimics, gestures, and intonation. Psychologists assert that a rate of being attractive of an object and our attitude to him is defined in the first 2-4 minutes of acquaintance.

First of all you should understand that a flirtation with a Ukrainian girl is not a compulsory condition that she is easy and ready to go to bed with a man at once whom she is flirting with. A woman makes a compliment to a man flirting with him, gives him and herself positive emotions. The aim of flirtation for a woman is to prove to herself that she is attractive and smart. It’s like a game in which a woman want to win. Flirting she doesn’t turn to a feme fatale or an easy coquette. Quite the opposite, she tries to remain herself. To charm being in her usual image.

Ukrainian ladies know for sure 3 main rules of flirtation:
1. They always look good. Except outer attractiveness and sexuality this gives them more sureness in themselves.

2. A smile is the most powerful weapon
A smile says: ‘I like you’, it has an infectious impact and transfers your mood to other people. Sometimes a smile is enough for a flirtation to start.

3. They will never take up a man’s initiative, they give him a chance to feel himself a winner, keep a safe distance at the narrowest curves trying to look inaccessible first. Well, 95 per cent of men like it when a woman starts a contact herself.

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