7 rules of dating with a girl from Ukraine in one night.

Well, you have found yourself in a situation when n acquaintance with a Ukrainian girl suddenly turned unexpectedly – no relationships are possible, but she isn’t against having sex with you to your mutual pleasure. How should you behave in this situation to remain a worthy man in the eyes of a Ukrainian lady, let it be only in her memories?

1. Invitation to make a visit
And it goes not only about washed floors and even bedclothes. Photos of a wife (even a former one), fishing-tackle, DVDs with films for grown-ups, and even any objects of cult (including voodoo dolls which looks like your former wife) – all this should be held in a box hidden far away. A lady can be worried, so don’t make her feel even more worried.

2. No photos Everything you do can be used turned against you. Murphy's Law is one of the most powerful things ruling our Universe, so a careless photo of an accidental female friend will or sure emerge in the moment and in a situation when you need it the least. Don’t tempt your faith – Ukrainian girls are envious. Besides, it’s harmful for privacy of the girl’s wishes. So no mutual selfies

3. Art of short flirtation
Naturally, one night sex is valuable for it being just sex, but try to be strong enough to make a short conversation not connected with the topic of the night. Nobody wants to look just a piece of meat in anybody’s eyes. Even the best rump steak. At the same time there are topics you should never focus your attention upon. Try to avoid whispering platitudes. A woman in this situation doesn’t wait for any courtesy and romance or flirtation), but try not to focus her attention upon the occasionality of the date and it being one-off. ‘We are just two trains that come by one another and meet at a station’. Any normal Ukrainian girls will go away having heard this.

4. Temperance association
Everybody is nervous before the first and the last sex with a strange person and try to soothe themselves with expensive drinks first and then those which are accessible. You may feel easier but you won’t remember anything in the morning. And even worse – you will remember that you’ve managed to do nothing. A couple of glasses of wine won’t make any harm, but it should be only a couple, not more. Women in Ukraine don’t like men who drink.

5. Till the morning
You should spend a night in the full sense of the word. You shouldn’t get up at 2 AM, spoil each other’s mood and take a taxi. The only exclusion is when she hints that you should go away.

6. Small excess
One night sex is a sign by itself that you are quite resolute people. Stop at this being resolute. Don’t try to realize all your phantasies in the style of ’50 Shades of Gray’. For such things you should either sign up on special forums or start relationships with a person who understands you.

7. And only till night
Delicacy and being tactful is a basis for a one-off event. The biggest thing you can afford in the morning is to repeat what you did in the evening. And you shouldn’t stay for breakfast, because another, not nightly story of relationships starts in such a way. So, in the morning say goodbye and hint that you have your urgent business, make her pack her things.


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