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How is it right to build a relationship with a Ukrainian girl after dating

1. Don’t take the Ukrainian woman you’ve got acquainted with recently at once as a woman of your life, don’t think she is ‘yours’, don’t build any plans for future. You shouldn’t do all this not to be disappointed then and not to feel pain (she can think differently and see your acquaintance in a different way). Just relax and enjoy your communication.

2. Don’t make any conclusions too early. Naturally, in several letters, chats or dates you can make your first impression of a girl, but it can be mistaking. You can just fall in love with the image you created yourself. This image can be very far from the real girl. You should make any conclusions only in several weeks of acquaintance to avoid disappointment. And now you’ll unassumingly get to know as much as possible about your potential bride from Ukraine.

3. There shouldn’t be ‘too much of you’. Your frequent phone calls will signalize about you needing her attention too much. Don’t phone your new friend every day and spend several hours talking to her. The same is about letters and messages in messengers: don’t make a girl feel uncomfortable because of your frequent messages. It is not the best thing for your relationship, she won’t just have enough time to miss you. The main thing is the quality of communication, not the quantity. Excessive attention will tire her soon, and lack of attention can touch.

4. A relationship shouldn’t develop too quickly and rapidly. You shouldn’t ‘dive’ into new relationships. Don’t forget that you have your friends, hobbies, some personal business. Besides, no Ukrainian woman won’t believe a man saying that he love her after a dozen of mails or at the second or third date.

5. Even if she hypes you, if you are already in love with her, don’t show it on initial stages of your communication. If you demonstrate it constantly her attitude to you will be colder and more indifferent. Don’t show your interest too early or too openly. Ukrainian ladies like intrigue and romantic flirtation in their relationships with men.

- Don’t hurry to give her many flowers and gifts (surely, it isn’t about birthdays or holidays) showing with it your excessive attention and her value for you. She won’t treat you better because of that. You should interest her with yourself, your non-standard behavior, not a heap of presents.

- No matter how beautiful, pretty and tempting she is, you shouldn’t try to please her in everything. Be a strong man. Don’t become a ‘carpet’ under her slim legs. She may want to wipe them to it.

- Your relationship with a Ukrainian girl are a result of your activity and it depends on you what kind of relationships you will have then and if you have them at all…


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