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Ideal places for romantic dates with a girl in Kiev.

Ukrainian women are very sensitive and romantic. It’s very important to know and understand it, especially if you have decided on inviting your girlfriend for the first date. Where is it better to spend it for it to be remembered for a long time? Kiev is the city of love. For those who haven’t yet lost their ability to think and also to enjoy the beauty of the Ukrainian capital we offer to note down several romantic routes.

Date in clouds. A viewing platform organized on the roof of a 25-storeyed building of the ‘Alexandrovskiy’ complex is more than just a romantic place. From here an awesome view on the whole right-hand part of the city is opened. And let the view from this platform is not so ‘holiday-like’ as, for example, the panorama of the Andriivskiy descent from the Zamkova mountain, it’ll be the fullest view of the most real Kiev – with all its buildings and business centers skyscrapers made of glass, streets and squares. You can take a look at the city not only at daytime, but at nighttime as well. Officially the viewing platform works to 10 PM, but you can always ask to stay here for the whole night and see the sunrise.

Obolonskaya quay is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Kiev. It’s so nice to walk here holding each other’s hands. Here also is the first Kiev garden of stones. In it there are enough tracks, lanterns and benches, so places for kissing isn’t a problem here. The garden of stones got its name due to many stone constructions and stone-paved ways. All stones are taken here for the park from various parts of Ukraine.

The bridge of lovers in Mariinsky park. Thousand of people have hung on its railing a ribbon or a lock as a sign of their feelings. Do you want to make your relationship stronger or test the sincerity of the person you love? Come to the Bridge of Lovers and kiss them. In such a way you’ll always be in heart of a person you love. And maybe your devout wish is to live your life happily together? In such case take your Ukrainian girlfriend’s hand and go along the bridge from the beginning till it’s end.

Vozdvizhenka district. Some years ago in the very center of Kiev an awesome colorful district appeared. The fairy-tale city is situated in the area between Andriivskiy decent, Zamkova mountain and Peyzazhnaya alley. Some people say that several hundreds years ago here lived talented potters, smiths, dressers of rawhides and people of other professions who were famous in the whole world with their trade. Coming to the territory of Vozdvizhenka you understand that you are in a completely different world. Multi-colored houses, neat streets, cut lawns, beautiful flower-beds and always a lot of people. In the course of a not very long period of time this place has become one of the most popular places for marriage and family photosets, and it’s because the atmosphere here really charms.

Lanterns in love. Who will illuminate your way in the dark and tell you what is the best place for a date? Only specialists in love problems! Especially for those who look for their happiness and those who have already found it, on Maidan Nezalezhnosti there is a bench on the edge of which lanterns being ‘in love’ look in each other’s eyes in such a lovely way. If you make a romantic date near them and throw a coin to the ‘couple’, be sure that a bright mutual future is waiting for you!

Rusanovskiy creek. Between the ‘Hydropark’ and ‘Livoberezhna’ metro stations there is a boating station. It’s located right in front of the luxurious residential complex. Take a boat for rent in the evening. Paddle to the direction of the Rusanovskiy creek, sail to a serene harbor, put down your oars and kiss! The real romance, especially during the sunset!

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