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Hot and sexy- this is how the visitors of Kiev characterize the women from the Ukrainian capital

For more than 10 years Kiev is in Top 5 Ukrainian cities with the most beautiful women. The respondents of these surveys which determined that rate are the ordinary tourists who paid attention to bright combination of beauty, femininity and sexuality of the Ukrainian women. What is the secret of such attractiveness of Kiev ladies?

Kiev girls: beautiful, hot and sexy everyday


Every young Ukrainian woman wants to look sexy, attracts men with a help of her appearance and behavior, she dreams to become their desire and the main hero of their fantasies. It is based on genetics. Anyone who has visited Ukraine knows that feeling, when in spite of the standards of decency you look at almost every girl. Blondes, brunettes, red headed and brown-haired women - all of them are completely different, but you just cannot look at them. In small provincial towns, many young women believe that perfect shape, hairstyle, high heels, fashion mini skirt combined with beautiful female underwear is the key to women's sexuality. And quite often they look cheap.



Irina, 29 y/o ID 1000527658   Vika, 23 y/o ID 1000827821

Kiev women are absolutely different. They know exactly where the border between the attractiveness and vulgarity or promiscuity is. They understand that it is important to keep their own unique features when they will try to add to their look some sexuality. If you look closely, it becomes clear that the girls from Kiev are distinguished from the rest of Ukrainians:



1 Self-confidence.
Yes, men love confident women. As much as it may sound ironic, but first of all Kiev woman should like herself! It is the quintessence and the secret of their success and attractiveness. They feel they are worthy of attention, admiration and love.


2. Smile
This is a mandatory attribute of seduction. In combination with a languishing look it works great. Now the man's attention will be focused only to her, in his mind he will think about different options of her facial expressions, and after that he will come closer to introduce himself.

3. Sense of humor.
Girls from Kiev are incredibly lucky, because the nature gifted them with refined sense of humor. The ability to joke in time and to respond to the opponent's joke is precious and rare quality of modern Ukrainian women. After all, sometimes you just will not enjoy the company of the most beautiful woman with a perfect figure, but you will feel comfortable with an interesting and cheerful girl with a great sense of humor.


4. Gesticulations
In 90 per cent a man will not notice the small women's tricks (in which Kiev ladies are pros), but on a subconscious level they works great. They are playing with a chain, a fork or a glass, lifting the hair, licking the lips. All this tricks are excellent addition to the image of sensuous femme fatale.

hot Kiev women


The secret of the sex appeal of women from Kiev is simple - every girl is trying to add to her image nice acting. Well,
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts...
( William Shakespeare)

So Ukrainian brides do not want to live a gray and dull life

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