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A family is on the other side of a borderline. A wife is in Ukraine, a man is in his homeland.

A traditional Ukrainian mentality sticks to generally accepted views upon family – a husband and a wife should live together, wat together, sleep together on one bed and under one blanket. However, the reality is such that not everybody can manage to do it. So what is better – to part or still to go to some distance keeping at the same time a quite stable relationship with all family attributes – care about children, mutual living, finances, interests, hobbies etc.? Here every man can choose what is better for him. People don’t come accidentally to such a guest marriage with Ukrainian women. In the majority of cases it’s a result of circumstances – hardships with a visa, citizenship etc. There can be cases of a personal negative experience in relationships when they couldn’t manage to live together – there were irritation, fault-findings, conflicts and so on.

People can’t live together for different reasons – a complicated character, stubbornness, habits not acceptable for the other one, way of life, peculiarities of health and physiology, a timeline or distance of workplace and many other things. It’s hard to imagine how many different and quite respectable reasons there are that make people choose a guest marriage instead of a usual one. And, probably, it’s the best and the rightest decision for them – there are people who can’t live together and they still don’t want to part.

Not many western women know how to keep love on distance, some just can’t accept it. Some people think it’s not right and has no prospective, some consider it boring and not interesting, and some just don’t want to take additional pains for keeping a fire of love and miss out on a physical presence of a person nearby. With Ukrainian wives everything is different

In the majority of cases a Ukrainian woman takes all the burden of keeping closeness at a distance. There are Slavic women who in the majority of cases know ho to get a man’s attention, feel him and his desires not only nearby, but at a distance as well, understand him and convey his emotions etc. Most of men don’t know how to do it. With a very rare exception. That’s why it’s a Ukrainian woman who should think if she can and wants to take such an additional load on herself and if she needs it. A man in the majority of cases is happy with a marriage when there is somebody to take care of him in his daily life (cooking, washing, care etc.), for example, if it’s his mother, sister or if he is independent enough and can take care of himself and it’s not a burden for him. And if your bride agrees for such a variant it’s also quite revivable.

In general, a marriage when a wife stays in Ukraine can also be happy. There’s no need to judge it and people who choose it. A guest marriage can have various peculiarities, with a bigger of smaller grade of closeness and distance between the a husband and a wife, but it’s for sure better that conflicts, alienation, also as the result of relations being destroyed and parting.

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