Marriage and family: what do Kiev women want from their men?

For Kiev, as well as for Ukrainian girls appearance of a man is not less important than women’s attractiveness fir men. The only thing is that women have completely different criteria in evaluation of men’s handsomeness. It turns out to be that the first thing representatives of a weaker sex pay attention at is a smile of a man. By the way, many women can fall in love desperately in this smile at once. It’s important for Ukrainian women that a man has strong hands with long fingers and a pleasant man’s bass. These are a man’s features that signalize to a woman at the first date that a man is reliable and give a feeling of being protected near him. By the way, women also look at chest and legs of a man but their tastes are pervert as compared to men’s – women like hairy chests and a little bit curly legs.

Concerning features of character, the majority of girls from Kiev have admitted that while getting familiar with a man the main criteria for a relationship are a level of intelligence and being sincere. An overwhelming majority of women say talk not about being smart but a high intelligence of a man in general. It means that in order to make the first impression at a woman a man should know how to conduct intelligent talks, for example, on a topic of a modern political situation in the world or discuss new things in avant-garde art. Women also don’t like men who pose and boast too much. To their opinion, they behave insincerely.

Talking about men they are in romantic relations with, the majority of Kiev women called generosity and a sense of humor the most important qualities of men. Almost every Ukrainian lady wants to receive from time to time good and, the main thing, unexpected presents from her boyfriend as a proof of his love and admiration. And many women assert that they would never date a man who can’t make them laugh and doesn’t understand their jokes.

Talking about negative features Kiev women can’t stand at all, a leader here is quite unexpected. Potential brides have confessed that most of all they don’t like pessimistic men who are always in a bad mood and grumble all the time. It’s a feature the majority of women would like to change in their husbands. And even their liking alcoholic drinks turned out to be in the second line of the rating of the most negative features of an anti-hero of women’s novels.

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