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7 reasons to never meet the brides from Ukraine

Let’s speak about love with a little bit of humor. There are 7 reasons which will make your life more complicated after meeting a Ukrainian girl.

1. They are so beautiful.
Ukrainian women always want to look beautiful. It's even scary. For most of them, life is like a podium, so they have to shine bright, even if they are going for a walk with the dog. According to them the beauty is the power and respect. How people will be able to notice your beautiful inner world, if you do not attract them?
So if you are hanging out with a Ukrainian woman, you also have to dress nice and make a lot of effort to look good. Otherwise, everyone will look at you and wonder how such a beautiful lady can be with this freak?

2. They are too committed.
The girl from the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus will be the most devoted friend, your best adviser, critic, and even a doctor, if you get sick. They are caring and affectionate. You can rely on them, no matter what happens and they are ready to solve any problem together.
Here is the best example of the devotion of the Slav women: in the nineteenth century there was a rebellion against the Moscow tsar. Aristocrats who participated in the rebellion were sentenced to life in exile and penal servitude in Siberia. Their wives followed them voluntarily to the cold, deserted lands and divided punishment.
Every Ukrainian woman truly believes that her partner is the best man in the world that he is the most talented, the most powerful and the most intelligent. She considers herself a queen, so she can only choose a king. She refers to her man as a king: with respect, care, love and support.
If you think that devotion is unnecessary and boring, then you should not look for a wife in Ukraine.

3. You will have the "post-Soviet Union" mother-in-law and father- in- law.
It is extremely dangerous!!! The visit to your girlfriend's house will be accompanied by a feast: soups, meats, soups with meat, salads with a mayonnaise as a main ingredient, potatoes, pancakes with minced meat and more potatoes, and then a three- layered cake for dessert. And since it is not polite to leave the table in the middle of the feast you will have to eat all of that food. Do you expect any help from your beloved one? You should not. When it comes to hospitality all Russians and Ukrainians are unreasonable and try to overfeed their guests while it will become too difficult to move for them. So you should expect that your lady will offer you one more piece of the cake. Well.. are you ready to gain some weight?
And one more important fact! Her dad will test you in some way. You have to prove that the family can trust you with their precious child. Tests are different in all families. You may need to drink a bottle or two of vodka with the bride's father. Otherwise, you are considered too weak to protect the girl in danger.

4. They're too independent.
Russian poet Nekrasov said: ‘Any Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house.’ This is an image of an independent woman who does not need any help or protection from men. Girls in Ukraine or Russia do not believe in the ideal relationship, and even if their lives a prince will appear one day, they should be able to support themselves. Ukrainian woman is very independent in relationships and very stubborn. But, on the other hand, it can be expected from her courage in danger and strength which will help both of you to overcome the most difficult times.

5. High expectations.
Slav women are very demanding. They do not need a guy who will love them madly. They want to be madly in love with the best man in the world. Good manners are very important for them: you have to open doors, to help put a coat on, bring flowers on a date. If you are not a gentleman do not even try to date Ukrainian woman. And do not forget to look like a brave knight for everyone, for example, help the elderlies to cross a road or save a kitten from the dogs.

6. The problem of breaking the ice.
Ukrainians are keeping a distance before you know them well. Any girl can look for you as a Snow Queen, even if she loves you (especially if she really loves you!).
‘When we started dating, there was a wall of ice between us, it seemed like she did not trust me at all. Slowly, step by step, I found out that under the ice there was hiding the most loving and caring person in the world ‘– this is how usually foreign men describe their acquaintance with Ukrainian women.

7. Ukrainian cuisine. For many women, cooking is a way to demonstrate their love so be prepared to food experiments. At first, the cuisine may seem perfectly normal, and even a little boring. But soon you will begin to ask more and more questions.
What is that strange purple salad? Beet and herring, really? Pancakes with caviar (fish eggs)?? Why does she use cabbage for her pies? Liver, brain...nasty? How many variations of pickles are in the world? Ripe rye bread drink ... well, this one is surprisingly nice! You'll hate most of the dishes, but something you will definitely love.

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